Advanced Couples Practice Series

Advanced Couples Practice Series

This Advanced Couples Practice Series is a 3-part practice:

Part 1: The Masculine and Feminine partners will practice separately. The Masculine partner will practice the "Macrocosmic Orbit Practice" to ground yourself in order to hold the full expression and your and your partner's erotic energies. The Feminine partner will practice the "Feminine Pleasure Practice with the Divine Masculine" to become filled with love in a deep way in preparation for partner practice.

Part 2: The Masculine and Feminine partners will then come together to practice the "Advanced Yogic Intimacy Practice for Moving Between Masculine and Feminine Polarity." With breath, movement and intimate yoga, you will explore switching between masculine and feminine polarity.

Part 3: You will now go on a 1-hour practice "dinner date," in which you will apply the practices you learned to a "real life" scenario. The Masculine partner will lead the first half of the date, as the "Master of Time and Space," making the decisions about where you will eat, how you will get there, what time you will meet up, keep time for the hour of practice, etc. You will also practice The Art of Command, commanding your Feminine partner in a way that opens them into ecstatic bliss.

For this same first half of the date, the Feminine partner will practice responsiveness, following your partner's commands as it feels good and making pleasurable sounds, such as moans or purrs, to express your pleasure and delight with your partner's leadership and command. Anytime you are dissatisfied, you can offer an open-hearted hiss or foot stomp. If your partner recalibrates in a way that pleases you, you can moan or purr again.

After 30 minutes, you will switch roles, so now the Feminine partner will be in command and the Masculine partner will respond.

After the full 60 minutes, you will offer one another feedback in the form of "What I loved about that was..." and "What I would've loved more of was..."

Then bow to one another to close the 3-part practice.

Disclaimer: Although anyone may find this practice to be useful, it is made available with the understanding that we are not engaged in presenting specific medical, psychological, emotional, sexual or spiritual advice. Nor is anything in this practice intended to be a diagnosis, prescription, recommendation or cure for any specific kind of medical, psychological, emotional, sexual or spiritual problem. Each individual has unique needs and this practice cannot take these individual differences into account. Each person should engage in a program of treatment, prevention, cure, or general health only in consultation with a licensed, qualified physician, therapist or other competent professional. Any person suffering from a sexually transmitted disease or any local illness of his or her sexual organs should consult a medical doctor and a qualified instructor of sexual yoga before practicing the sexual methods described in this practice.

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Advanced Couples Practice Series
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