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Presence and Devotion

Partner Practices • 11m

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  • Three-Part Breath Partner Practice

    This three-part breath practice opens your body while cultivating erotic energy with your partner. It combines a deep inhale that fills the belly, solar plexus and upper chest; a hold, in which the energy is packed into the center of the body (This is called “qi packing”); and an exhale, in which...

  • Partner Sensitivity Practice with Syn...

    This is a partner practice John taught live at the May 2019 Embodied Men's Leadership Intensive in Mount Shasta to help with developing deeper sensitivity in feeling a connection with another.

    Stand back-to-back with your partner with your feet wide and spines touching, but not leaning on one an...

  • Heart Warrior

    This is a practice recorded live at the Assemblage Nomad in New York for the June 2019 workshop: The Discerning Dick Presents "Spiritual Intimacy and Yogic Sexuality with John Wineland."

    In this partner practice, you will experience gifting your partner with embodied fierce love. One of you will...