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Your Warrior Body

Masculine Practices • 11m

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  • Finding Nourishment in This Moment

    This is an organic breath practice and meditation for finding nourishment through your body and the space around you in any moment.

    Begin in a strong, but relaxed seated position with your feet firmly planted into the floor, so that you can feel the hum of the earth through your sacrum and the s...

  • Organic Breath Practice with Heart Ac...

    In this breath practice, you will connect to your body's organic rhythm of breathing. This breath is not yogic or forced, like a pranayama, and it flows beyond any tension you might be feeling in your body. It's almost like breathing as if you are sleeping, but you are completely alert. This is h...

  • Activated Heart Breath Practice

    This is a two-part seated breath practice to help you connect to the smooth, strong and steady energy of the activated heart.

    Begin with a pranayam breath practice in which you take a big inhale through the mouth stretching the breath down into the lower abdomen, like the bottom of a balloon ope...