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3 Part Breath Chi Generator Intro

Masculine Practices • 12m

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  • Hollow Bamboo Breath Practice

    This breath practice led by John at the September 2019 Embodied Women's Weekend Intensive in New York, opens the central channel of your body that connects your throat, heart, solar plexus, and cervix or perineum. This is the channel where the deepest sex happens, so it is a good practice to do b...

  • "I Am That" Meditation

    In this meditation, you will experience the sweet, delicious relationship between your breath and consciousness; and expand your level of openness, awareness, and depth from a pervasive thoughtform into the absolute core of you.

    Begin sitting in a "yogi's pose," with your back straight, spine lo...

  • Sacred Masculine Practice for Women

    This is a masculine practice for women and those who primarily identify with the feminine essence to help you ground and tether to your sacred masculine when you're feeling scared, overwhelmed, or lost. It begins with a Russian Breath Practice and a meditation on the empty space of the body, and ...