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"I Am That" Meditation

Masculine Practices • 15m

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  • Sacred Masculine Practice for Women

    This is a masculine practice for women and those who primarily identify with the feminine essence to help you ground and tether to your sacred masculine when you're feeling scared, overwhelmed, or lost. It begins with a Russian Breath Practice and a meditation on the empty space of the body, and ...

  • Breath Practice with Live Drumming

    This is a breath practice John recorded live with drummer Caleb Spaulding at the Assemblage Nomad in New York for the June 2019 workshop: The Discerning Dick Presents "Spiritual Intimacy and Yogic Sexuality with John Wineland."

    Begin seated in such a way that your feet or base of your body fee...

  • Breathing In & Out Your Life Challenges

    This is a practice John taught live at the October 2019 Embodied Men's Leadership Training retreat in the Panamint Valley Desert for creating space in your heart for a challenging situation in your life that you are rejecting.

    Begin seated in the strongest position you can. Connect to your heart...