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Dharti Hai Akash Hai Guru Ram Das Hai

Masculine Practices • 18m

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  • Meditation for Becoming Intimately Co...

    This is a meditation John guided for his Advanced Practice Group in the midst of the Coronavirus Disease Pandemic for becoming intimately connected with both life and death.

    In a seated position with eyes closed, you will begin the first few minutes of this practice with the Tantric Rose breath;...

  • Warrior's Heart Horse Stance

    Standing in a horse stance, with eyes closed, tongue placed gently on the roof of the mouth, legs wide, knees bent, navel pulled in, feet turned out to 45 degrees and strong like suction cups, and sacrum driving toward the ground, bring your arms up to shoulder height & width with your pinky ...

  • Rooting Deep Into Earth and Sky

    This is a meditation for powerfully grounding yourself by rooting into the earth and nourishing from the sky.

    Sit on a chair with your feet placed squarely on the ground. Bring your hands to your upper thighs. Pull your navel in slightly so that your sacrum tips down directly toward the earth, c...