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Warrior's Heart Horse Stance

Masculine Practices • 11m

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  • Rooting Deep Into Earth and Sky

    This is a meditation for powerfully grounding yourself by rooting into the earth and nourishing from the sky.

    Sit on a chair with your feet placed squarely on the ground. Bring your hands to your upper thighs. Pull your navel in slightly so that your sacrum tips down directly toward the earth, c...

  • Your Warrior Body

    This is a practice to activate your "Warrior Body" - deep breath, bright heart, strong root, clear mind, and enlivened body. From here, you can set powerful intentions for your day, and you can't be uprooted by life's storms.

    Sit with your legs opened enough that you have plenty of space in the...

  • Finding Nourishment in This Moment

    This is an organic breath practice and meditation for finding nourishment through your body and the space around you in any moment.

    Begin in a strong, but relaxed seated position with your feet firmly planted into the floor, so that you can feel the hum of the earth through your sacrum and the s...