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Watch this video and more on THE VIRTUAL WORKSHOP

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Feminine Desire Mantra Movement Practice Led by John and Nicholette Routhier

Feminine Practices • 21m

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  • Natural Forces Feminine-Masculine Pra...

    One way to use masculine structure to hold your emotion is to connect to the masculine in nature such as a rock, a mountain or a tree and allow that to be a tether and a grounding source while honoring the volcano, the ocean, the river, the storm and all that is moving through you. This is a prac...

  • Aura Cleansing Practice 

    This is a Kundalini yogic practice and meditation to clear your electromagnetic field, free your mind, cleanse your aura, and increase your own capacity for love.

    Begin seated with your spine straight and your arms at 45 degree angles up and out to the sides like 'goal posts, and your hands pos...

  • Spinal Flex Warm-up and Meditation

    This is a 10-minute spinal warm-up and meditation that you can do anytime you want to open your heart and enliven the central channel of your body.

    Disclaimer: Although anyone may find this practice to be useful, it is made available with the understanding that we are not engaged in presenting s...