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Organ Grounding Meditation

Masculine Practices • 16m

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  • 3 Part Grounding Practice - Earth Bre...

    This is a 3-part masculine practice for deepening your breath and grounding your body. Do this as a morning practice at least 3 times per week. You'll begin by making a deep and immediate connection with the core of the earth through a seated meditation that deepens your breath and uses your will...

  • Bioenergetics Exercises

    Bioenergetics was developed by Alexander Lowen based on Taoist and QiGong Practices. It is also taught as a part of the pelvis de-armoring process. There are 5 exercises in this practice: 1. Press your fists into your lower kidneys and arch your back as you breathe powerfully into your hips to cl...

  • Fists of Anger

    This is a Kundalini yogic practice that provides structure for feeling, moving and opening through anger. It completes with a meditation for smoothing out and clearing blockages in the center column of the body.

    Disclaimer: Although anyone may find this practice to be useful, it is made availabl...