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Watch this video and more on THE VIRTUAL WORKSHOP

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Walk of the Warrior King

Masculine Practices • 9m 45s

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  • The Gift of a Woman Meditation

    Bring your awareness to the root of your body below your navel, so you enliven and awaken this part of your body with every breath. Once you awaken that part of your body, breathe deeply into the center of your heart. Then widen your heart and connect the energy from your heart to the base of you...

  • Feeling In, Feeling Out

    This is a practice for training your awareness of both the external world and your internal world at the same time. Do this practice sitting in stillness with a straight spine, feet firmly on the floor or in cross legged position, eyes closed, hands on your thighs, and your breath smooth and deep...

  • Organ Grounding Meditation

    This is a QiGong practice for creating more space and health in your internal body. You can do this meditation either seated or standing. Connect the soles of your feet to the earth. Once you feel connected to the energetic flow of the earth through the soles of your feet, connect to your sacrum ...